Preview Thumbnails not generated (Dorico 5.1.10)

Is it a bug or something happened to my files?
Why some projects don’t have preview thumbnails generated? All they have option “generate thumbnail” checked, so I don’t see any reason why D don’t do that. One version of the project has thumnail, next don’t.

If I unzip .dorico file, the preview folder is empty. But for v2(Iconica) and for v2(HSO) the preview folder has both files (pdf and png).

Interesting is that these two files (v2(Iconica) and v2(HSO)) are copies from v2(NP) with just changed Playing Template and they have thumbnail. Also v3(NP) is descendant from v2(NP), but don’t have thumbnail.

Is it possible that you were looking at a different layout when you saved the files (without previews), and that those particular layouts didn’t have the option to generate thumbnails turned on?

Thanks. It’s not caused by layout (all them have Full Score when saved), but by view - if project is saved with Gallery View active, there is no preview files generated and thus we don’t have thumbnail. I opened v3(NP) project, then switched to Page View and saved. Now I have thumbnail.

Can we assume that it’s a bug? If not, why wouldn’t the saved gallery view have a generated thumbnail? At least the same as it were saved with Page View active.

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Good to know.

I remember Daniel mentioning that they can’t make preview images of galley view because it’s all one (more or less huge) page. So, not a bug. Note that previews are not just one page, but the whole layout. If they were to make it save a page view preview even when that’s not being viewed, I suppose others would complain.

If you unzip .dorico file, there is folder suplementary_data\preview in which you will find PDF and PNG file. A PNG file is an image from the first page of that PDF file. BUT PDF is generated as the print preview from Page View.

So the question would be - why to delete preview files if any project started in Page View mode and Dorico “cannot” generate preview in Gallery View mode? I think that executing delete function without any perspective to generate new one is a bug or may not fully figured out by team.

I also wonder whether Dorico actually calculates how a page would look before viewing it on screen?