Previewing a single note in Vari (Cubase 5.5) - how?

In Cubase 5, the default behavior for editing a track in Vari was for a section to auto-play when you selected. As you moved the note up or down, it played at that pitch and gave you a nice preview.

Cubase 5.5 doesn’t seem to do this, and I’m not sure how to turn it on. It’s probably a simple option I’m just overlooking but I’ve looked on the forums here and run a couple of Google searches and no luck. Working in Vari without this behavior is much much slower.

Any ideas?

I know I answered this question at least one time already on these forums, so you might have to “look” a little bit harder

Geeze mate. If you’re going to take the time to be rude, you might as well take the time to be helpful and point out the link.

The trouble with this particular topic is that I’m really unsure of which keywords to use for my search queries. VariAudio of course, but then what is this feature called “preview individual note”? “auto play on selection”? I tried a few approaches but my search terms didn’t yield anything related.

And for the record, your user has only made 3 posts about Vari. The one above, and 2 others that are not in English (which do not help me). So maybe I’m not the one who needs to re-think before posting.

Where do you come off calling someone rude for maybe not having the time to do a search that you seem to be unwilling to do yourself? :confused: You were pointed in a general direction that if you’d stop and think for a minute instead of being snippy, you’d have thought of a way to find your answer by now.

Tired of people expecting to be spoon fed answers. :imp:

C’mon man, I’ve clearly stated in both of my posts that I -have- spent time searching for this before resorting to a forum post. I also searched the previous poster’s past entries to find where he’d answered it before, as he said he had, but found only 1 English post about Vari.

I’m not looking for a flamewar here, just help with a question. Read my full posts before picking a fight, please.

Have you looked in the Knowledge Base? Read the Plugin Manual?

I searched Cubase’s built-in help initially (which is what I’m assuming you mean by the plugin manual?)

And yes, I’ve also searched the knowledge base. (I did that before coming to the forums.) Searching for just the keyword “vari” or “variaudio” results in a big red message, “Currently, there are no articles matching your search. Please try other search options and filters.”

I’m really not just trying to be a lazy jerk here. I appreciate pointers like yours, because I could totally be overlooking something obvious and stupid.

Preview routing changed, see if that article helps.

How dare I…? :neutral_face: Surely I´ve got nothing else to do all day…Time for “Joe” to come around and apologize for people like me…

In addition to that, there is an acoustic feedback button in the sample editor, which needs to be activated…
And yes, I leave it to you, to find it…


All I’m saying is that if you have time to leave a rude comment on a forum, you could also leave a bit of helpful info. Or just don’t comment at all. Saves you time and isn’t rude to the original poster. I didn’t come here looking for an argument, just looking for help from other users. Re-reading my initial post, I really don’t see anything that was deserving of your response.

That being said, thank you for linking me to this. As I originally suspected, I was not using the correct search terms when looking for help and so that’s why I wasn’t finding anything useful. I did not know this feature was called “acoustic feedback”.

well, obviously there are different kinds of people and what seems rude to one is enough of help for someone else, cause he does not need to be “spoonfed” but simply takes it as a useful hint and uses the search function with the username (thats how I did it also, btw…) You can simply put me on your foe list, so you dont see my answers if you dont like my way… No need to discuss this any further…

Asking a straight-forward question and hoping for a straight-forward (non-belittling) reply is not “being spoonfed” it’s just my way. :slight_smile: