Previewing samples while beat playing GA se4?


Is there a way to preview let’s say different kicks in groove agent se4 while while drumbeat playing like in battery in kit preview style?

In a pad with a loaded sound right click on the sample name on the right -> “replace sample”

Thank you very much for bringing this question and answer up both of you

Thanks so much. Now I really appreciate GASE4. So versatile drum sampler.

You’re welcome! And yes, I agree, GA4SE is great!

Different workflow to try:

  1. Find your samples to be previewed and put them in a folder (max 128).
  2. Load GA and select Group 1 (number 1 just above pads).
  3. Open Media bay and find the folder with the kicks. Select your kicks (ctrl+a if you have 128 or less).
  4. [tricky part] - Drug them on the first pad (bottom left corner) keep holding the mouse and release on the LOWER PART of the pad . Now each consecutive pad has a different kick assigned.
  5. Open the midi with your kick drum pattern and select all midi notes. Ideally if can have a separate midi for your kick drum hit Ctrl+A
  6. Now using UP/DOWN arrows you can preview loaded kick samples while playing the track.

Of course this method is for mass sample loading. For a small number of samples you can skip frist 2 steps