Previewing VST Presets on

Hi all. I’m trying to preview and listen to all the available sounds on LE. There’s the Load MIDI File and other things I’m seeing but can’t actually load anything or listen to it? What’s going on here? I know I’m missing something and there are limitations. Please let me know how to preview and listen to anything available in this case. Thanks.


In the Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs, to the Stereo Out and Set Stereo Out as Main Mix. Now the previews should be routed over to this Bus.

Hello sir. That still does not work. I’m seeing MIDI File or Load to MIDI File as options at the bottom right pane. HOW do you route all (if not most) of the preview presets or sound in LE? DO I actually need to load the file as MIDI or there has to be some way in the Studio, Audio Connections menu I can try with? Thanks again for the reply or please answer if anybody else has the same issue. Thanks.


The MIDI data has to be routed to any synth. In the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File > Import, you can choose, how the MIDI data should be imported. Choose the HALion Sonic SE Instrument Track option (what it the easiest to manage for the beginners). Then you are using internal VSTi HALion Sonic SE sounds and you should hear something now.

Hello Martin. I am not seeing the Halion Sonic SE Instrument Track option…anywhere in the window. A screenshot will help if you can do that. I followed from Preferences up to the Import options…but NO Halion Sonic SE track options. What else am I missing? Thanks for the reply.


Please see attached screenshot. Sorry, It’s named just “Instrument Tracks”.