Previews of the media bay not in sync

Hello to all,
I just upgraded to Cubase Pro 8 from cubase 7.5.
Sincerely I don’t know if this function worked in the previous version, cause I never used it but I’d want the files previewed on the media bay to be in sync with the files played in the project.
I mean, I have one track on the project, a simply drum loop in musical mode and in playing in cycle mode, I want to click on the media bay and listen to the loops I want perfectly in sync with the drum loop that is in playing.
Exactly the way you can do in Ableton or in Acid.
My question is: does cubase have this feature? In this case there’s something wrong in my settings, cause here the loops in the media bay are not previewed in sync.
Any suggestions please?

many thanks.

There’s a ‘project sync’ button in the bottom right hand side of the previewer.

I know it and it is pressed but the previews are out of sync too

Anyone that can help please?

is the file previewed a rex file by chance? if so… steinberg never bothered to make those preview in sync. try it with a standard wave file.

No, it is a wave file. I’m just wondering why Cubase doesn’t have this function work properly like Ableton or acid…

Cubase Media bay do not support REX, and its VERY VERY VErY VErY anoying, as all other DAWs do!