Previous custom lines, noteheads, etc in a new installation of Dorico

Hello everyone,

I have recently started with Dorico and this is surely a basic question, but I have not found the solution yet.

To be able to use a custom line, notehead, etc. in a new project I just have to mark the “save as default” star in the corresponding windows, right?

My question is, where is this stored? And how can I make a backup copy of these files in case I have to reinstall Dorico, change my computer, or if any other software/hardware problem appears? What is the procedure afterwards to re-import them in another Dorico installation ?

Thank you very much in advance!

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On my mac, every user change I make ends up in the same Folder : ~/Library/Application support \ Steinberg / Dorico 3.5 (by memory, so excuse me if it’s not totally accurate)
There’s the keycommands_xx.json file (where xx is your language) with all the modifications made to the original one, a preferences file and so on…
When you reinstall Dorico, this folder is left untouched so you get your settings back in a transparent way.
When you update / upgrade, this folder is copied (to another Dorico x.x version folder) so it’s transparent again.
If you need your Dorico on a different computer, copy that folder to the right location ! This is all :wink:

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