Previous or Next sample in Groove Agent SE 4?

Is there a way to step through samples in a folder using a pad in Groove Agent SE 4? Something like Previous or Next sample?

If not, will this be included in Groove Agent 4?

This is a must have… Been missing this also in groove agent one

Strange, but it’s still missing. Just add ‘next sample in the folder’ and ‘previous sample in the folder’ to the GA4’s keycommands list or allow to change the sample without double-click when “Replace Focused Sample” button is on. Super simple to implement, but because of this small shortage I’m still using Phalanx.

Please, add the next/previous sample buttons to the GA4 and GA4 SE. And also it will be great to see the option (or modifier) to save current pad settings and just replace sample instead of initializing the pad and replace the sample. I suppose ALL drum samplers on the market have these BASIC functions. I’m sure it won’t be that hard to add it. Please!

You’re supposed to use the MediaBay included with Cubase or the Browser tab from the full version of Groove Agent 4 to preview samples like that.

I know that, but I’m asking for other thing. For example, you just draw C1 note on each beat, let’s say, 1 bar long. After you load first kick in your folder on C1 pad in GA4 and start looped playback. I want the option to change the sample while the song is playing by pressing next/previous sample button, to simply choose right sample in context of the song. It’s very cumbersome to drag and drop tens or hundreds of samples one by one from media bay to the pad. Check out ANY other drum sampler (Battery 4, Geist 2, Phalanx, etc.) - all of them have this functionality.

Did this ever get added to Groove Agent?

Love this feature in NI Battery

To answer my own question, you can do this within the Groove Agent Browser.

Find a folder with a bunch of samples, if the button in the bottom right of GA, Prelisten in Place is on you can select different samples and they will preview for the selected pad. If the Replace pad/Focused Sample button is on then you can press Enter and the sample will be loaded, which you need to do otherwise the sample before previewing will return.

I like this method, it works pretty well.