Previous Transport Bar was better...

Sorry but I prefered the previous float Transport Bar. I find the current one too long and uncomfortable.
Please, restore the previous transport bar: more compact, efficient and can also be used in small screens.
At least, offer us the possibility to restore the previous from the general settings or offer an option to resize it in height.


This new style(?) is awful! :imp:

Sorry, I’d quite like the new transport bar being singole-row. BUT:

  1. some sections are missing (for example the metronome); I think it’s an already acknowledged issue (I hope we won’t have to wait forever for a fix);

  2. on the new transport bar the same information occupies much more space, without being more readable (IMO) due to less text/background contrast. I really don’t understand why icons/text on the transport bar have been enlarged, something that I don’t remember anyone asked for, while at the same time we continue to have those horrible tiny scrollbars that a lot of people (me included) can’t stand. :confused:

  3. I don’t like the new flat design (including the tranport bar), but I guess that’s just me.


Yes, and make it a choice.

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+1. And so was the Export Audio and a bunch of other GUI elements.



I was actually also going to post a thread about the transport bar. ver.10 design is very annoying. too many things to complain about.
The easiest and quickest way to solve this problem is to get the ver.9.5 transport bar back to Cubase 10.

If they don’t do it, and they are going to stick to the new design,
I want them to modify at least these things written below.

1). Currently, the button to turn on/off the metronome click sound doesn’t appear on the top tool bar and on the transport bar. it’s only on the bottom tool bar.
I want to put/show items selected from the same number of choices equally on the upper, the lower and the transport bar.
At least, on the transport bar, all the items in the upper tool bar and the lower tool bar should be selectable.

2). Currently, it can only show 8 markers. it used to be 15 marker points in ver.9.5. Some people need a lot of buttons to jump to marker points. If this is not Cubase Pro, it can be fine because the lower grade cubase is not for professional mixing/editing. But, this is the highest grade of the application, and it’s supposed to be able to handle any sorts of heavy projects. I Need more than 8 markers shown on the bar.

They could say I just need to open the marker window. But, when opening a main project window, the marker window can be hidden below the project window when clicking areas on the project window. If they want to stick to this method, they should add “Always On Top” button on the marker window so that it can keep staying over the project window.

3). The ver 10 transport bar’s visibility is terrible. It doesn’t have to be in one single line. I want them to use two or multiple lines to organize shown items in better way. The ver 9.5 transport bar was way better in this design. Also, I want them to use more colors or at least more steps of gray scales (darkness/brightness) like in ver.9.5. now in ver. 10, it looks like it’s designed for color blinded people, and very hard to see. too much contrast.

I assume they made the new tool bars thinking of the situation being used on touch panel monitors, so items are large and selectable by fingers.
I understand it, but I think it shouldn’t completely replace the previous design mainly for non-tablet, regular pc users. Make it selectable in the configuration or somewhere.

Agreed. Redesign for redesign sake

I used to use it a lot, and now I just don’t :frowning:
In big screens, means, I end moving the mouse back and forward all the way to the bottom of the screen constantly.
And when working on the laptop, the fixed transport bar at the bottom takes very precious space.

+1 –

I completely agree with much of what’s said here. The Ver 9.5 Transport was much better. More compact, looked cooler, had more functions, was a better fit in all Editors. The Alt-Click to open Metronome options worked, etc.

OT: For another post, but while I’m thinking about this. – I also, can’t stand the annoying. carpal tunnel syndrome inducing, system where you have to hold down the mouse button to change modes on the tools – resize, line, etc. Clicking the down arrow was better, and, when you do the “new move” and the thing turns green, then the menu appears, it stays in the way. The old tool bar would disappear to allow editing to resume. this new system is an annoying workflow slowdown. The Pro 9.5 version was better. Topic for another post – just mentioning it here since it seems related to the overall new GUI design for tool bars and the transport bar.).

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+1 :open_mouth:

I liked the old transport. I had it perfectly fitted at the top, at a size where I had everything I needed and it didn’t cover anything I had to switch the new one off because it is rather useless now. too wide, not enough contrast on the UI elements.

Apart from the fact that it’s horrible, it’s actually broken:
Transport Panel (F2) “show all” wider than FHD screen
A UI element that cannot fit on a 1920x1080 screen is simply inexcusable in design terms.
When that’s done to one of the central control elements of the application, it’s negligence.
When it’s not red-flagged by even the most basic beta-testing, it’s incompetence.

and same goes for the new toolbox. also horrible 1-line design now and really hard to decipher symbols due to dark background and clunky indistinguishable symbols.
really bad design choices all over the place…


I’m getting used to it now. Doesn’t take long before we forget the old.

I certainly miss the previous version even after a couple of months running Cubase 10. Notwithstanding the the “new and improved” look and screen real estate savings, they broke many of the transport features as indicated in the posts above. I would certainly appreciate the option to have the old type back as an option. Since there are many bugs to fix for this feature, take the extra time to add the legacy style back please, even if you cant add an actual resize option.

+1 New transport bar is unusable!