Previous versions not on eLicenser

So, I’m thinking about installing WL6 on my XP Virtual machine from Windows 7. Successfully installed from my CD, but won’t run because elicenser is not found.

Tried to download both latest and archived version of elicenser software . . . but that requires, which I am still struggling to download (downloaded version 4, but it didn’t seem to work).

More important, when I check the eLicenser site, WL6 and WL7 are not shown as activated products.

How do I correct this?

If those versions are not on my eLicenser, I will never get WL6 to run.

Thanks in advance for any help.


So what is the actual license on your key? Any higher version IS license to a previous version, but it does require an updated Licence Control Center, or the software can’t know about the existance of the higher version…

WL8 is on my key, so I guess I should be good to go.
There must be some other reason why my virtual XP is not seeing the elicenser.
I also own WL6, and would love to get it installed so that I could use the label editor.

I wrote customer service this evening. Looks like I’m wasting their time. I didn’t realize that higher versions on the key were backward compatible.

Thanks for your reply.


You should be aware that WL6 does run on Windows 7, though it won’t install. Just copy a complete installed XP Wavelab 6 directory to the correct directory in Windows 7 and it runs. I believe that even the latest WL6 update does install over that one.

I would never have thought to try that approach. Thanks for the info. I have an XP machine at the office. Will install, copy to an external drive, and paste into my Win7 machine.

I like WL7 and WL8 (my current version), but, may never have moved beyond WL6 if I could have figured out how to make it run on my new computer, and, while there are many alternatives, I do miss the Label application that was deleted starting with WL7.

Thanks again for the information.



Could not get my version 6 running on XPmode virtual machine (wouldn’t start the install either from the CD or when I copied the CD to the hard drive), so I created my own virtual machine and installed my old copy of XP. The CD installed this time, but elicenser was not found.

I then followed your advice and copied the Wavelab 6 and VST folders to a memory card, shut down the virtual machine, copied those two folders to my Steinberg folder, clicked on the Wavelab-app icon, and up she came.


Thanks, Arjan. Now I have my labels back.

A good weekend to all.


Good to hear. Have a good one!

Hopefully I haven’t misunderstood what you’re trying to do here… I haven’t had any problems installing Wavelab 6.1.1 on multiple Windows 7 32 and 64 bit systems. Elicenser works fine- occasionally gets corrupted but re-installing the latest eLicencer version seems to work fine.

Yes, Wavelab 6.1.1 does install, but that’s a later (the latest, actually) release intended for that exact purpose. So, anyone who doesn’t need anything from the original installation CD can just download 6.1.1 and install it on Win7.

You have not misunderstood. The main reason I initially upgraded to WL7 was because the purchase of a new laptop running Win7. WL6 would not install. After downloading and installing WL7, I was disappointed to learn that the CD labeling feature had been eliminated.

I used that feature on all my CD’s, so really have missed it.

Arjan showed me (per above) how to get WL6 running on win7. I never realized that WL6 had been issued in version 6.1.1, but will download it to my archives for easier installation next time. I don’t know when that version was released, but am guessing it was well after my purchase of WL7 (and now I’m running WL8 for some time).

Thanks again for all the help.