Previously made songs not working with new keyboard

Apparently for some reason my previous post did not go through.
Anyhow, I have this problem on Cubase Elements when with my new keyboard (NI Komplete MK2 49) I cannot interact (no edit/play because no sounds out of the midi controller) on previous made songs (made with Arturia Keylab Essential 489).
Differently, on brand new production no issues period, everything works flawlessly.
Anybody experienced the same? Any clue?

Hi and welcome,

I expect you are working with Instrument track, so you don’t expect sound from your MIDI Keyboard (which just sends MIDI data).

Can you see an incoming MIDI signal on the Transport Panel? Can you see an outgoing MIDI data on a MIDI Track? Can you see any visual feedback of the incoming MIDI data in the instrument (VSTi) GUI? Any “virtual keyboard move” or any LED with the incoming signal?

Is the MIDI In set to All MIDI Inputs? Is your NI Komplete part of the All MIDI Ins (Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports)?

Hello Martin,
thanks a lot for you to come back to my request.
Your question: “Is the MIDI In set to All MIDI Inputs?” indicated me the right direction
This was exactly the reason why it was not working.
Probably in the keyboard replacement something got changed, and I did not look at this one… my bad.
I’m new with CUBASE, and still in trial mode.
Now all works great :wink:

Thanks again!