Previously Purchased Steinberg Products

My eLicenser (dongle) broke and I am attempting to find all of the previous Steinberg software that I had already purchased and their respective serial numbers so that I can have these transferred to my new dongle… is there an easy way to find my previous products and serial numbers on the Steinberg website?

I checked MyProducts page and since my old/broken dongle was deactivated for a Zero Downtime request, I can no longer see my previously owned products.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


To get a replacement, your USB eLicenser must have been registered anyway, that way all the licenses that had been downloaded onto that USB eLicenser can be restored by Steinberg. If your USB eLicenser hadn´t been registered with Steinberg, you´re screwed anyway.

BTW, svennilenni, you answered my post on a similar topic that I mistakenly posted on the German forum.
After a few hours of trying different things, I discovered that my eLicenser had a cracked case and was only working intermittently. That, of course, made it impossible to register Cubase 11. I really couldn’t track the problem down until I tried to update eLicenser, then msg. saying “eLicenser appears to be damaged beyond repair” came up. I taped it back together and got it to work, but ordered a new one.

In the meantime, if your dongle and licenses are not registered, you should do that.