Price comparison Cubase 7.5 v Sibelius 7.5

Given complaints from some about the upgrade price from C7 to C7.5, I thought it interesting to compare new features with the recent (very long awaited) announcement of Sibelius 7.5 - the two will be almost the same price in the UK.

Cubase 7.5

Track versions (a major step IMO)
Track visibility (this is my favourite new feature)
Instrument Rack 2.0
HALion Sonic SE 2
Groove Agent SE 4
New EDM construction kits
LoopMash FX
Magneto 2
VST Connect SE 2
Transient navigation

Sibelius 7.5

Timeline window for improved navigation (this does look nice)
Expressivo 2 for more expressive playback
Various social media and sharing enhancements
Export video of your composition.

Hope Steinberg never adopt Avid’s business model :wink:

Sibelius is a score editing software, and Cubase is a DAW. So really not such a fair comparison there, more like look over your shoulder at Presonus’s Studio One 2.6 update for a fair comparison. Many users already have VST effects and instruments they already use, so even though your list is long, we look for quality of improvements rather than quantity. Most users here crave the stability that 7.5 offers more than advertising hype.

I see where you’re trying to go with that though. :wink:

Cheers mate,


Aloha C
I finally got the scoring thang down using Cubase 7/7.5 and so I just signed off using Seb (for that purpose) after many years.
Guess I’ll have to check the new version.

Thanks for the tip.

Scoring with Cubase is not bad at all, but it’s never been close to Sibellius. Are we thinking that has changed with these latest versions?

Aren’t the Sibelius team now working (on the score) for Steinberg…?

True but this past Xmas (with tips from vic_france and steveinchicago) I was able to produce
a massive score for a live performance by my church and Cubase was fine for that purpose.

In the past I would just grab Seb but now Cubase has become my main scoring ax.

For me it is/was a combination of app improvements and the hard part;
me getting my head around the Steiny scoring concept.

I know C7.5 is no where near perfect and that
some orchestrators even find Finalé limiting; but in my case
I cannot imagine doing a more involved project.
And I am very proud of that work.

It’s all ‘in-house’ for me now. Cubase rocks at church.

Yes, since all the upheaval at Sibelius, I’ve been using Cubase’s score editor more and more, so don’t think I’ll bother getting Sibelius 7.5. By time Sibelius 8 appears we should know better what the ex-Sibelius team will be producing for Steinberg.

I know I was exaggerating a bit with my first post and agree it would be great if some things worked better, but still think Cubase is not bad value given what you get with each upgrade.

I learned Cubase score when Sibelius was a twinkle. Took me a few weeks as I remember. And you do need prior knowledge of the several ways you can notate so it can be set up right. It’s good that it has bought into Sibelius as this will probably bring the notating style forward because with all the computing advances and communication improvements I believe, on looking at some old music in an actual book lately, that notation has sharpened up, become a little homogenous maybe, and the more popular styles have become more commonplace. Seeing that I think that it may be time that some choices could be removed from Score to make life simpler. It’s actually the setup in the first place thought that foxes the new user. It can be a little arcane to say the least and leave you scratching your head when you need that extra rest or accent inserted and you forgot where it was when you looked two months ago.
Once you’ve got Score though it tends to stick and it is VERY comprehensive.