Price Difference between Cubasis and Cubasis LE Full Set IAP?

Cubasis is $50 while the full feature set IAP in Cubasis LE is $30. It seems they are both the same, so I don’t understand the $20 price difference.

I wasn’t even aware there were 2 versions :slight_smile:

Hi cciacona,

Cubasis LE for iOS comes bundled with a wide range of supported audio devices, which can be used to unlock the app from demo.

Once unlocked, you’re able to purchase the Full Feature Set In-App Purchase, which updates Cubasis LE (!) with all features of Cubasis, while the app name and icon remains unchanged.

This option is only available for customers with compatible audio devices, and the IAP comes cheaper than the full Cubasis version.

Please find more information on our Cubasis LE for iOS website.


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