price of wavelab 10?

hi. are the prices shown in the steinberg shop in US dollars?

i am seeing $827 and guess its US.

last week it was showing as $600 and something.

i got the demo and downloaded it and decided to buy. now it looks like the price has gone up.

ant suggestions. thanks Spaceman

I haven’t looked at the actual pricing lately for WaveLab but what you probably saw was the sale pricing that ended after Dec 31st, and now it’s just regular price.

I’m not sure where you’re located but I’m seeing that you can buy it for $472 USD from Sweetwater:

You would probably have to buy the USB dongle separate which is $27:

is it safer to buy software direct from steinberg?.

then i guess its in the system and cant be denied?

thanks spaceman

AFAIK, in both cases you download the software from Steinberg and all you buy is an activation code - so no, not safer IMO.


just for peoples info i Bought Wavelab direct from the steinberg shop.

it came in at $790 NZ dollars.