Pricing and specs

Any word on the pricing?
I am interested in the cost to upgrade from HaLion 5
Also, how many GB will it take for a full install of Halion 5 (plus HS3) ? I am guessing 42GB (17 + 25)

I was wondering the same, mainly how is the sample library included (what en how much)?


the update from H5 will be EUR 99. The size of the download will be about 40GB. It will be delivered with the Steinberg Download Assistant, what makes the download very comfortable.


my main SSD is getting full and extra 40 gigs can’t be placed on it, but i have plenty of other drives on the same system.
What is the best option, or what are the options ?

  • uninstall and reinstall 5 with a new install of the content on a new location and then upgrade to 6 on this new drive/location
  • or can i reassign the entire build of the content to a new location with the installation proces ?

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Any chance we could know the price of upgrading Absolute VST? I have A1+ (with HS2).


I have to correct myself: The download size will be around 30GB thanks to the compression of the VST Sound archives.

You won’t be able to download just the application, but you will be able to move the new H6 libraries with the included Library Manager to a destination on other disks after the installation.

The upgrade price from Absolute 1 will be EUR 299 since you also get The Grand 3, Groove Agent 4, HALion Symphonic Orchestra and Retrologue 2.

What will the upgrade price be from Halion 4?


Thank you for the pricing/download information. Will there be a HALion 6 full installation download option for customers upgrading from HALion 5? If not on Feb 9th perhaps sometime in the future?

I typically run a full reformat/reinstall of my DAW Workstation annually and having full install media makes the software reinstalling much easier.

Yes, there will be the option in the Steinberg Download Assistant to download the full installation.

Matthias, any answer on this? I’d like to know if I can wait a bit or if I need to update to H5 before Feb 9 to get the $99 price.


You can find all prices here: