Pricing discrepancy


On this page:

Nuendo: Premium Audio. For Professionals | Steinberg

it shows one price, but click on Add to Cart, and it shows, near to the original price, with country-specific pricing.

What is the current price of Nuendo, since the price on the first page is closer to EDU pricing but on the subsequent page, it is nearer to retail.


I don’t know what you’re looking at, but the retail version price is nowhere near the educational price

It’s showing $913.00, reduced from $1499 but when you click on Add to Cart, the price is the non-reduced price, e.g.,

They’ve been running 40% off until what was supposed to be yesterday. For me it’s showing as $999 US on the product page and still $999 when I add to cart. Perhaps you’ve just got an old product page cached still showing the sale price (which was $611)

Oops we were replying at the same time. But as I said, that looks exactly like what’s going on, the AU product page is still showing the sale price that has ended.