Pricing for previous customers

Hello all,
At the risk of sounding cheap I wouldn’t mind getting a discount since I have bought Halion Symphonic Orchestra (paid full) and have been in the Cubase loop for many many years… I still have the dongle that used to go in the printer port…
HSO is part of Dorico so somehow I will be paying -in part- for something I already own and paid for.
Also, will the installation see that is on the system or just duplicate somewhere else in the drive/s?

Thanks for listening! :neutral_face:

We have been discussing whether or not it will be possible to provide some kind of special pricing to existing Cubase customers, e.g. for an introductory period, but no final decision has been taken as yet.

I believe the Dorico installer will not duplicate the HALion Sonic SE 2 or HSO content on your drive if it is already installed, but I will have to check this.

Confirmation from our installers team that the Dorico installer will not install HSSE2 and HSO’s content again in a new location if it is already installed: instead, it will only install that content if the versions included with Dorico are newer than the versions already installed on your hard disk.

Hello Daniel,
Thank you for the answer! Though I would like to stress out that I also purchased HSO (full boxed product) too.
Right now I am also working with Notion (limited but rather functional) in Rewire. Would that also be in the roadmap for Dorico? I would just be honey in my workflow, though not on my wallet…
Thanks again.

Yes, we hope to support ReWire in future, but I’m afraid it won’t be part of the first version.