Pricing for "upgrades" for exisiting users ?!?!

sorry, really miffed…

cubase .5 update… HIKED price because I missed 1 update.

bought halion 6 the other month… now to upgrade to absolute with current offer… is an extra £90 vs someone who bought it “full” with halion 6 inc.

steinberg have not replied on fb… you see it as “ok” to do this to folk who buy your products ? … NOT all of us claim it back as a business expense.

how can you justify the extra £90… YOU should be glad of my custom instead of trying to rip me off…

can I afford the inflated price ? sure… can I justify it ? NOPE… while other vendor ARE taking care of it’s customers.

can’t recall the last time I had to pay for a studio one update, for a start… they are more likely to get my business as a result…

poor form steiny… would you rather get SOME money… or nothing at all… carry on … YOUR CALL.

Hi Fog,
You may have posted to the wrong subforum? This is “Made with Cubase” not “Mad with Cubase”. You would probably get more responses in the “Cubase Pro 9” subforum.

If you have a problem with the price, you could just sell your Halion 6. You would be getting a great deal even if you sell it for way below than what it’s actually worth. You can definitely sell it for more than $90 easily.

Steinberg had a sale on Halion recently. It’s unfortunate if you missed it, but if you’ve been using Halion since before that sale (meaning that you’ve been using for months now, longer than even a Cubase grace period free update offer), I think you’re being kinda unreasonable.

I think you misunderstood how update prices work. Everyone (except owners of very old versions, who get a discount) pays the same to upgrade Cubase.

Say you have Cubase 8.5 and then upgrade to Cubase 9.5. You’ll be paying the same as a Cubase 8.5 user who upgraded to Cubase 9, then upgraded to 9.5.

I like your sense of humour rotku

as for you Romantique Tp … steiny offered a cut price halion 2 ? if that months back… then do some £90 “HIKE” if I wanna update… if I had waited 2 months it’d be far cheaper , as I’ve stated… sorry where is you “logic” … there is no reason to charge so much for the update… also considering I bought padshop pro and retrolgoue in the past… except… PURE GREED

other vendors I use are “cool” for 1-2 updates and aren’t so interested in bleeding the people who support em dry with BS pricing… no one from steiny replied to my facebook comment… so I’ll take as it’s taking it’s long term users (like me) for idiots…

So you’ve been using Halion for 4 months? (your post is kinda hard to understand…)
Sorry but if you’ve been using it for that long (or even 2 months) then you don’t really have a case here. Even if they decided to give you a bigger discount for complaining that you bought Halion recently, they would look at the date of purchase and tell you that they can’t do it.

Again, remember that you can take advantage of the deal now (by buying Absolute 3 alone, don’t upgrade your Halion 6 license) and sell your Halion license in the future. You’ll most likely end up getting a better deal than if you hadn’t bought Halion 6. Someone at KVR was able to sell theirs for 120 bucks in a few hours.

As for Cubase Pro upgrades, keep in mind that the upgrade price for each individual version (50 to 100 bucks) is far lower than most other DAWs, which is around 200. Even if you skip a few versions, you would be paying the same or less than the price to upgrade other DAWs. You can upgrade from the 6 year old Cubase 7 for 200. During this time, both the CPU performance and workflow have been improved greatly. Cubase almost feels like a different DAW now. Meanwhile Ableton just released an update for Live that adds almost nothing in comparison and costs 250 euros. :laughing: