Congratulations, Daniel and colleagues. Everything looks very good at the moment, just as we expected. I’m confident your product will be a world-beater.

Some questions: I notice the cross-grade price (€299) is for a limited period. Considering no-one can get their hands on the program at all just yet, when should we expect the “limited period” to end? Will it be some time after the initial release, or are we expected to pay the “limited-period” price before we’ve seen it? Will there in fact be an option to pay and reserve?

I’m sure people will be able to work out where I’m coming from with this. Some of us want to hedge our bets about if/when to jump ship from another program, whether to upgrade and what costs are involved in the various scenarios.

The limited period will begin when Dorico is generally available, so it will begin at some point in the fourth quarter of 2016. We quite often run time-limited promotions of various sorts (for example, Pro Tools users can crossgrade to Cubase at a reduced price at the moment, and the promotion has been running for a few months now; I believe it has in fact been extended once because it has been so successful), and they typically run for several months, to make sure that people have a chance to hear about them and take advantage of them if they are interested.

You don’t need to worry. Once full terms and conditions for the crossgrade are made available, we will make sure that the closing date of the promotion is made clear at the time.

Is a period scheduled for pre-orders? I am not pushing you but I need to do something to keep the excitement on a good level :smiley:

We have discussed having pre-orders, but I’m not really sure what the point would be. You will be able to just order Dorico from your favourite reseller or download it directly from the Steinberg online shop on the day it is released.

€299* – Special time-limited crossgrade pricing for qualifying Sibelius and Finale users

Is it defined anywhere what qualifying means? Would someone who owned any version of Sibelius or Finale qualify? Or would they have to own the latest version?

We will be sure to publish clear and unambiguous terms and conditions either shortly before or immediately at the time of Dorico’s availability.

I expect that any version of Sibelius between 1.0 and 8.x, and any version of Finale between 1.0 and 2014.5 (or whatever the current version is by the time Dorico is released), will qualify. You don’t need to be using the latest version of Sibelius or Finale. You can hold either a professional or an academic license. However, the cut-down versions (Finale Notepad, Finale PrintMusic, Finale Songwriter, Finale Allegro, etc., and Sibelius Student, Sibelius First, G7, etc.) will not qualify.

Glad to hear this. There are quite a lot of people (myself included) who never upgraded to Sibelius 7.5 - after what happened.

Hi Daniel,

I’m wondering if the crossgrade option only applies for Finale and Sibelius? There are other notation programs out there like Presonus’ Notion and such. I’m wondering if they are included in that mix for crossgrade purchasing or just the 2 powerhouses?

Hi Daniel, is there a special price for an academic crossgrade from Sibelius which is less than $299


Yes, Hans, we anticipate that there will be an academic discount available for purchasers of the crossgrade. More details will follow closer to the time of launch.

Would that require the Sibelius version number given the crossgrade to be an academic/EDU one as well, or would it be sufficient for the buyer to be otherwise legible (student/teacher) for the academic discount at the time of purchase (of Dorico) even if they’ve already upgraded their previous software to the “full” status at some point earlier?

Good question, Vili. I think it makes sense that if you would be eligible to purchase Dorico at the academic price, you would be eligible to purchase the crossgrade at the academic price regardless of the type of license you hold for the qualifying product, but this will all need to be decided by our sales team. As I say, we will make sure that full terms and conditions are published at the time of Dorico’s release.

Hi Daniel,
The new conservative Australian Government has decided in its finite wisdom that Australian Olds (like me) have too much money (and International and Australian Big Business not enough), so it’s doing a reverse Robin Hood flick, and from January 2017 we, the Olds, will have noticeably less income and noticeably higher costs for health, rates and services.
So I have to consider ongoing costs very carefully.
Although I have decided in principle to go for Dorico, in practice whether I do or not may depend on your answer to this question.
Supposing I pay €299 up front, have you as yet any idea when and how frequently I would have to pay more (i.e. for upgrades), and how much that might be each time?
If I can’t really afford to buy Dorico (yes, it comes down to that), the one consolation is that at least I’ll have your Sibelius 7.1.3, which remains a terrific programme (thanks to you and the London mob—and no thanks to the hoons in Burlington MA).
My compliments to you and the Dorico team!

Though I am not a Notion user, this is indeed a valid question.

I believe that, contrary to what we have said in the past, Notion will be eligible for the crossgrade when it is available. We will make sure we state this clearly in the eligibility criteria for the crossgrade.

Dorico is announced to be released next week but i don’t see any final prices about crossgrades (No Notion is mentioned).
Also what about us Cubase users who own HalionSonic SE and Halion Symphonic Orchestra,are we supposed to pay full price?

‘…pricing will be 579 € including VAT, or $579.99 for US customers, for a full professional license. Educational pricing for qualifying teachers and students will be 349 € including VAT ($349.99 USD), and a crossgrade offer for qualifying Sibelius and Finale users will be available for 299 € including VAT ($299.99 USD) for “a limited time”.’


Thanks ChrisC but that doesn’t answer my question about Notion and HSO users.No prices are mentioned in the official Dorico product web page for the time being

Crossgrade from Notion is the same price as from Sibelius and Finale.
Just got the prices in this afternoon.

:frowning: $579.99 is, unfortunately, a bit steep.

I’ve already invested quite a bit in Cubase from my first version (VST 3.7) in 1999 to the current CP 8.5 Pro, as well as WaveLab Elements (don’t need the bells and whistles for the full-blown one), as well as the host of VST instruments over the years. If there would be any real benefit to the Dorico project, it would be incorporating its technology into a future version of Cubase Pro so that the scoring portion of the software would finally be useful.

Yes, I understand that Steinberg has invested quite a bit into this project, but what’s the point of creating something that is the greatest thing since sliced bread if most musicians who might benefit from it can’t afford to buy a loaf?