Primary beams

Hi -

Is there a way to set the number of primary beams? I’ve attached a jpg of what I want to accomplish. I’ve set Notation Options to "Allow rests within beams, maintain secondary beams, but it doesn’t change anything, or affect notes entered after I made the change.

Thank you.

You want “Preserve secondary beams over rests where possible” in Notation Options.

Thanks for your response. I can’t find that option anywhere. I’m using v3.1. Is there a later version of Dorico that might have this option?

Yes, it was added in 3.5.

Thanks for the quick response. Is there any way to do it in v3.1, maybe with a time signature?

Not as I recall. It was a niche, but a real problem for those who needed it.

IIRC there was a messy work round. Add stemlets, and then change their length in engrave mode so they are invisible.