Primary buttons (setup/write/engrave/print/play) issues

Hi there!

I’m encountering issues with Dorico 5 relating to the primary setup/write/engrave/print/play buttons sometimes not functioning properly. Attempting to switch to another function will sometimes not happen with the button graphically being pressed in a ‘half-state’ but otherwise not shifting. At times, pressing it again makes it work, at times that does not. At other times, shifting to a third button first (e.g. if ‘engrave’ doesn’t work from ‘write’, i’ll go to ‘setup’ and then ‘engrave’) will work, while other times it does not.

I can’t find a discernible pattern to help isolate/diagnose specifically. It’s happening often enough, however, that it impedes my workflow tremendously. We’re talking 50% of the time if not more.


Dorico 5.0.10, Mac OS Monterey 12.4, 2021 18-in Apple M1 Max

Yes, I’m afraid this is a known issue in the current version of Dorico 5 on macOS; it seems to affect some people more than others (perhaps down to the specific way they interact with their trackpad or Magic Mouse). It’s due to a change in behaviour in the Qt framework that Dorico is built upon, and we’re in the process of finding a solution for it. I am hopeful that the next Dorico update, coming very soon, will resolve this problem.

In the meantime, try using the key commands Command-1 through Command-5 to switch between modes; this should work reliably.

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