Primary parameter inc/dec not working in Elements

Hi all

Enjoying Cubase 10, BUT, KC for increase and decrease Primary Parameter (Elements only) is STILL not fixed, acknowledged as not working since C7. That’s not too clever Steiny :neutral_face: .

Otherwise very happy

Best Regards, Dave


To be honest, I haven’t seen other then yours reports since Cubase 7 here on the forum. So it seems there are not users (apart from you), who really miss the function.

Sorry to be open…

Hi Martin

I understand that, but it IS working in Cubase Pro 10 in my studio. I use Elements 10 live on stage and have a need for it there. The “fine” primary parameter inc/dec is working ok, just not the main one, it’s not a train smash, just irritating.

Best Regards, Dave

C10.0.10 Pro on Windows 10.

KC for primary parameter inc/dec works for single channel (fader volume) but NOT when multiple channels are selected during Q-Link. Is this what you guys are talking about? I feel like this is new to C10.

Hi kelp

This is Elements I’m talking about, my C10 pro install is fine, is it working in Elements for you?

Best, Dave

I only have Pro. I tried searching the forum first and only came up with this thread. Perhaps I’ll post in Issues. It’s only when using Q-Link that it doesn’t work for me. Thanks.