Prime Cuts and the Maximizer

Just picked this up and I love the sounds in the sets but almost every kit uses the maximizer
on the whole kit. Sometimes the gain reduction is up to 14db just when triggering a kick sample.
This causes pumping which sucks the snare and hats levels way down.

I realize that some may like this side effect but it really is too much.
I thought something was wrong with my midi controller cause the velocity was at full but the snare just wouldn’t pop through and it was inconsistent. Then when you play the snare by itself it gets way too loud.

I found the Maximizer on the “Kit” buss and it was completely killing the snare.
The long decay of some of the kick drums had the maximizer pinned down for way too long.
Sending the snares to a separate output can fix most of this. But then the sound of the kit changes slightly as well.

Just wanted to put this out there in case anyone else has issues.