Prime Cuts VST sounds don't work.

The software installs perfectly.
Opening Groove Agent SE4 sees new 30 kit but once selected are not loaded on the sample pad.
How do I solve this problem or get a refund?
No one answers the phone and email, but I thought you were German! :imp:


the company is indeed in Germany, but it appears that you are calling from Italy, thus directed to the operators in Italian. Unfortunately, today there is only one supporter for Italy.

I’m replying to your e-mail as soon as possible - by the way, we only received it three hours ago.

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I’m also having the same issue, how do I resolve it please? I can see the VST presets, but they will not load into Groove Agent SE. I can load individual audio files from the audio folder by drag and drop but not the kits as VST presets?

Same Problem here, I recently upgraded to cubase 7.5. the only reason I bought the expansion is because it is said to work with Groove agent Se4. Which was awesome!!! Instead of having to buy 8 involving an upgrade to groove agent 4, just to get a kit. Because That would actually make prime cuts rather Expensive. If that’s the case I could have used the money towards Kontakt. I didnt because I trust steinberg, (been with you guys since Cubase sx3).

Just be straight, is this something that can be fixed? Is there a fine print about compatibility? would it be easier, if just went to a different sampler?

Hi all,

All the presets and sounds are in the same VST archive, so the samples have to be there. Can you see the samples in the Cubase MediaBay? On which OS are you guys? Windows or Mac? Have you maybe installed the set multiple types with different user rights (All users vs. single user)? Or have you tried to move the vstsound archive?

Please rescan your Cubase MediaBay, update your eLicenser to the latest version and you should be fine.

Everything is working fine here, but I noticed that many if not all of the kits use the maximizer on the
entire kit. Sometimes there is 14db of gain reduction going on just when hitting a kick sample.
This causes serious pumping so that the snare sounds get sucked into the gain reduction and seem too quite.

The sounds are quite usable but the kits need some work.
Just sending the snares out to a separate output fixes the pumping problem but jeesh.
I think I’ll start a separate thread about this.