Print a part jumps to Full Score?


Working on a parts in Write mode (or Engraver mode)

When I want to print my part I get Print mode jumping to Full Score instead of my current part. It’s a bit annoying when I have a score of 40 instruments. :roll_eyes:

Hope you fix this please. Thanks!

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A few weeks ago I started a thread around the same topic, only in the other direction: I was in Print Mode and needed to change a little mistake - I needed to go to Write Mode or Engrave Mode to the very same part…

It’s not necessarily straightforward to always show the same layout in Print mode that you were looking at in another mode, because there may be multiple tabs, multiple splits within the same window, etc. in use.

Ok, I understand, but I think if I’m on a given part, without going to Print mode, let say I do Cmd+P or something like Option+P, such command would print my given part. Is not this logical? Yes you may tell me that Cmd+P would bring me to Print Mode instead, but I think things should be just simple.

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