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Hi. When The score is completed. Can I print out all the parts in one go [and go and have a coffee while I wait] instead of printing each part individually?

Sure, just select them all in Print Mode on the left side and hit print. Is there something not working for you?

Hi klafkid
Yes that works.
I cannot remember seeing anywhere that you should select from the instrument names in the left hand section. I did a search in the manual but I did not see that mentioned.

Those are not instruments names. They are Layout names :wink:

Sorry you weren’t able to find it. For future reference and in case it’s helpful, see step 1 on this page.

Or this page.

Hi Lillie and MarcLarcher.
It could be that I did not know what I was looking for and so could not find it.
I have always thought of the instrument names on the left side of the page in setup as being the instrumetal parts. But from what you are telling me, they are layouts that contain the music and the formatting for the instruments. Now that I know this it all is starting to make sense to me. Can I select several parts, or layouts at the same time, and set up layout options and it will reset every one of the layouts at the same time. I usually do all the parts[layouts] individually before I print them individually.Your ideas could save me quite some time once the score is finished and I am ready to format and print the parts.

Many thanks for your help.

There’s a misunderstanding. In Setup mode, players (holding instruments) are listed on the left list. I was talking about Print mode (where you export your finished work). There the list on the left is the existing layouts, that you can select to export.
Note that this list matches the one on the right from Setup mode.
Hope it helps.

In Dorico, “layouts” as a concept includes full scores, custom scores, and instrumental parts. They’re all different types of layouts. Full scores are layouts that typically contain all players, whereas part layouts typically contain only a single player.

You can think of the left panel in Print mode as containing “instrumental parts” if you like, but as per the naming of the panel in the app itself, it simply contains “all the layouts in your project”.

In Layout Options, you can indeed select multiple layouts and changing options for all selected layouts at once. That won’t necessarily reset anything in those layouts – only what you change after selecting the layouts gets changed. Layouts are listed on the right in that dialog, and there are selection options at the bottom which make it easy to select “all parts”, for example.

Every page in the manual that involves changing a Layout Option includes (or should include!) a step instructing you to “select the layouts in which you want to change X”, with a tip about ways you can easily select multiple layouts. For example, step 2 in Changing the default staff size. (Ditto for Notation Options, where you can change options for multiple flows at once, if they’re selected in the list on the right in that dialog.)

Back to Print mode – you can set up your print settings for each layout individually, by selecting just one on the left and changing settings in the right panel; but once you’ve done that, you can select all layouts and print/export them together with each layout’s settings preserved. For example, you could set the score to print 4 copies, all woodwind/brass parts to print 1 copy, percussion to print 6 copies (is there a limit to how many percussion parts that end up being needed?!), and the five string parts to print 10, 8, 8, 6, 4 respectively. Then select all layouts, and click print: you’ll get the number of copies you wanted for each separate layout. (This is included in the tip on the page about printing layouts in the manual.)

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@Lillie_Harris , this is a question more in your composer/engraver capacity:
When you create a piano/vocal or choral layout, do you favor the score or part layout for this sort of thing?

Interesting question – I’ll be honest and say I don’t do too much hand-wringing over it, but I’d probably default to the score. If multiple variations of the same formatting are required, there are benefits to having it be a part, as you can do part formatting propagation, but you can also now duplicate any type of layout.

For choral stuff, the score also comes with the ease-of-use of all singers already being in one layout, rather than manually handling assignments.

I prefer part layouts. So for the pianist I will reduce the size of the other staves, or for the Vocals I reduce the size of the piano staves. The full score remains with everything at 100%. I do the same for example in Violin Sonatas etc.

I’m doing that, but it’s only doing on score. I’m trying to export them all as a PDF before I can print them.

Select then all in the left first, then set the options on the right (PDF, Monochromatic/Colour etc)
Then hit export

Does it not work?

It doesn’t even show up as an option.

You have your Destination set to Printer. Click Graphics instead if you want to export PDFs:


Thanks, that worked!

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