Print bug, signposts everywhere

Dear fellow Doricians,

I exported a full score as pdf in Dorico 4 (a file created in 3.5 rather long, 360 pages) and all signposts are showing! I don’t recall that there’s an option for this, and I am sure I didn’t change any options in Print mode. Is this a bug? The print window certainly wasn’t showing the signposts…

There is an option called View Options, could that be it?


Yes it’s that. It should be off by default, don’t you think? My 2 c.

Mine is.


Which is a rather cryptic name for a printing option. Wouldn’t ‘Print signposts’ be more informative?

I think it’s more than signposts. Actually, the same name as Sibelius uses.


I wonder if there were options tickable in 3.5… Because now, there’s nothing. I suppose this will be corrected in an incremental update :wink:

View options” includes (but I believe is not limited to) signposts, comments, and note and rest colors.

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I can assure you that the View options option is off by default, and if it’s switched on in your project, it’s because you (or somebody you work with) switched it on.

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Ok. I assume this is user error, although I had not noticed I could actually print all those markings — which can be useful. Thanks you all for this!

They exist as long as I remember using Dorico, so probably from 2.2, surely from 3.0