Print Current Page not printing current page

I think “Print Current Page” would be very useful for me, but I cannot seem to understand how it works. I have assigned a key command to it (and it prints, something…), but Dorico does not print the displayed page on the screen, even if I select a note and hope that would make it “current”. What is the trick to convince Dorico that the page displayed is the “current” (and not the previous or next page)? [I couldn’t find anything in the help about this.]

It probably needs to be current in the Print Mode display.

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I used “All pages” (otherwise you cannot turn pages)
“Print Current Page” – Printed page 2
Moved to page 3 in Print mode,
“Print Current Page” – Printed page 2 again
Not page 3.

This is strange.

Excuse me if I’m being dense, but I just do not understand what you’re trying to do, and how. Dorico has a print mode, you can choose the layout you want to print, and even tell which pages of that layout you want to print.
You want Dorico to print the displayed page on screen… I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a feature. What happens if you’re in galley view? What should Dorico print? The page that sits in view, or the page around a selection? Which layout? Full score?
You’d be probably better off using Print mode the way it’s designed to be used, or make a detailed feature request — and please explain how this workflow would really benefit us all :pray:

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There is a command in the Key Commands preferences to Print the Current Page.


I can’t find any reference to it in the Help pages, nor the Version 4 Version History, so I don’t know exactly how it’s supposed to work.

(I really think all commands should be available in menus without a shortcut; but I digress.)

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As @benwiggy points out - there is a function - Print Current Page - but what is the current page? The function seems irrelevant to what is shown on screen or where any caret/cursor is placed in the score.

As for use: I need to print the current page, when in Edit or Engrave mode, and not jump to Print mode (that defaults to some other page than what I’m working on) and then have to jump back, often arriving at some other place than where I was.

As for layouts: I’m one of those odd fellows who do not do orchestral scores (do Dorico cater for us too?). I have one layout. “Which layout” to print is not an issue for me, there is only one. And no, I do not have multiple layouts for organ or piano music. There is only one, the final and published one.

Dorico determines the current page based on what pages are in view. If you’re zoomed out a long way, such that multiple complete pages are in view, it will be the page nearest to the horizontal centre of the screen. If you are zoomed in such that a page’s width takes up more than the width of the view, the current page is the page with the greatest width in the view.

It doesn’t matter what you have selected or whether or where the caret is shown.

Apologies, I really had no idea! :pray: