Print current page prints first page only

I have assigned Print Current Page to a key command, but no matter which page I have displayed, or select a note on that page, the first page is printed. What do I do wrong?

I tried it with ‘CTRL-M’ and it worked in DORICO 4
You’ve to be sure, the Key command is not already been occupied in Dorico.
Temporarely you could route the printer in the Dorico print menu to “microsoft print to pdf”
so you don’t waste too much paper and it’s faster

The problem is not to get it to print, but to print the “current page”, whatever that is according to Dorico.

What is a “current page” to Dorico?

Current page: the page on which you’ve selected a note.
As I said . It works on my Computer. it prints the page I clicked on.

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Thanks! For some reason it works now.