Print destination defaulting to graphics?

Hi all,

at work we have a huge amount of network printers and all of them are included in my work laptop. So when I hit ctrl+5 to quickly churn out a PDF, I have to wait for communication with all the printers just because Printers are selected by default.

Is there a setting for this (I could not find one), or is there some other way to leave unnecessary printers out of the equation?

+1 for ‘Using “Graphics” as default’ :slight_smile:


Dorico has to poll the printers at some point, so we currently choose to do so when you first enter Print mode after starting the application. I know it’s a pain if you only want to export graphics. I’m not sure about the utility of adding an option to disable printing to a real printer, but that’s the kind of thing we would need to do to avoid the delay.