Print just one bar


I want to print some excerpts of a score for my analysis class. Could I print just one or two bars in the middle of a system without erasing previous bars and showing clefs and key signature?

Thank you

No, this isn’t currently possible.

Your best bet is to insert Frame Breaks at the start and end of the excerpt, adjust the length of the system using the Note Spacing mode within Engrave mode, then print/export that one page.

And can I print the entire selected system, like in Sibelius? Are there any option to export any kind of excerpt as graphic or do I have to copy the excerpt to another flow and then print it?

Thank you very much for your answer

One option I use and works well is to make a separate layout that is fairly small, which will fit one system. Then you can export that “page.”

There’s no functionality for printing or exporting excerpts of flows, or even for printing or exporting individual flows.

For something that small, couldn’t you take a screen shot? Or does it need to be a Dorico file for the students to work with?

This is a great idea too. Try something like Greenshot.

Or export the page as PDF, and then crop it in a PDF editor like Acrobat or Preview.

If I crop a single bar, it doesn’t show clefs and key signatures, so this bar must be the first of its system. I don’t know if you understand the problem when I have to do this a lot of times…

There are plenty of us who have faced this need and understand the problem. There are several solutions in the comments above that would work for your situation.

Hello everyone. I can see this thread stopped nearly 2 years ago.
But I have the same question - I need to make small excerpts as image files. I would love to avoid these being pages I have to crop in another software.
It was simple in Sibelius. I am hoping Dorico has caught up on this.
Can someone advise? Thank you!

please see p34 in Dorico 3.5 Version History.

Use the new graphic export in engraving options…I think it is called “graphic slices” ?