Print MIDI audio onto new audio track?

Firstly, let me say that Cubase has been my dream DAW for a LONG time, and I’ve always wanted to buy and use it. My dream finally came true this past week, and now I’m using Cubase 7!

Now, let me provide an example of why I would want to do this:

I’m using a Kontakt bass sample library, Signals Audio Zombass. One of the articulations is bass slides, but when done by MIDI they aren’t the desired length. When I was using REAPER, I could easily bounce the MIDI item that contained the slide to audio and stretch it as need be.

I understand that there is no bounce-in-place option in Cubase yet (hopefully that changes real soon), but does anyone know of any possible workaround for this? Any help is greatly appreciated!

this may help you

Whoa! Thanks, I had a bit of a pickle getting it up and running I pretty much got it sorted. Thanks again!

your welcome , enjoy your dream ,any problems just keep posting them :wink: