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Hi fellow producers,

I decided to give Cubase a shot after years of producing and mixing in all other major DAWS. I recently purchased Cubase 9 and started to explore around. Since all these softwares operate very similarly I got my way around very fast, however I can’t figure how to print MIDI to audio. I know you can render midi, but I want to use a different work around to print audio. Here’s an example: Groove Agent allows individual routing and when you load a kit it separates all the tracks, that’s fine. Now I don’t want all my drums stereo so I want to take the signal from the Kick track for example and send it to an audio track so I can print a mono kick drum. This is something very easy to achieve in Pro Tool for example so my question is how to do this kind of routing in Cubase. I included a screenshot to better understand what I’m trying to achieve. Thanks.

Karlo F.
Print Midi.png


In Cubase you can route the sounds to the dedicated Instrument Return Channels.

Then in the Export Audio MixDown you can use Batch Export to export individual Channels (Cubase Pro only).

Thank you for your prompt reply, I operate Cubase 9 so this option doesn’t apply. I just find it awkward, routing flexibility is not Cubase’s forte. I like some features and sounds, which I can use inside Cubase environment and later process them further in other more advanced DAWs like Logic or Pro Tools, so it’s not such a big deal. Other than that i like Cubase so far. Thanks again for taking time to reply.

Karlo F.

Well the option is in Cubase 9 Pro…Do you mean you use Cubase 9 Artist or Elements?
If so then yes, you are missing this function.

Cubase 9 Artist.