Print Mode acting screwy

Anyone know what might be causing this? It seems to print fine on 11x17 but the image I get on the software looks concerning. I have a heart attack everytime I am about to print.

There’s a mismatch between the page size set in Layout Options and the paper size set in the Print section of the right panel of Print mode.

Probably your installer printer doesn’t support the size you’re working in.

If you’re exporting to PDF, the only thing that matters is the page size set in Layout Options.

Are you on the latest update (4.3.11)? There was some improvement in this area; though as Leo says, it shouldn’t actually affect the PDF.

When setting the Destination to Graphics, Dorico now updates the print preview display in Print mode so that the page size defined in the layout currently shown in the preview is shown, rather than the current paper size chosen for the printer. While this does not guarantee that the print preview will always match the dimensions of the exported graphic, it should in most cases reduce fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Ya know, I recently bought a new macbook pro - 2022 with the M1 processor - and for some reason my version is still Dorico 4, though I recall on my previous laptop having a updated version like Dorico 4.2 or some other. Anyway, Steinberg Download Assistant does not appear to offer the option for the update yet.

The best thing to do is just “Install Again”.

You can always download the installer from Steinberg’s website > Support > Downloads.

There are a huge number of changes, features and improvements between 4.0 and 4.3.