Print Mode changing copies causes crash

I couldn’t find a new mention of this behavior, and I know I saw this reported at some point for version 2, but Dorico 3 appears to still crash upon typing numbers into the number of copies field in print mode. For instance, I can open Dorico and a blank template such as Concert Band, and type a new number for the number of copies in a part or full score, and Dorico crashes. Using the arrows to the side of the number of copies box to change the number works fine.

I’m unable to reproduce this crash at will. Could you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report so I can see the crash dumps produced?

Sure, here is the report.
Dorico (479 KB)

James, could you possibly make a screen recording showing how you get the program to crash? All of the crash logs in the diagnostics are completely consistent, so there must be some step I’m missing. It would also be helpful to know whether you have “full keyboard access” enabled (on the Shortcuts page of the Keyboard pane of System Preferences). I have it set to ‘Text boxes and lists only’, but perhaps you have it set to ‘All controls’?

I have full keyboard access set to text boxes and lists only.

I just tried a few screen captures and have some other details to add.

  1. The crash seems to be tied to moving the mouse before moving the focus from the text box.
  2. If I tab out of the ‘number of copies’ text box, no crash.

I’m emailing the screen capture now, too.