Print mode problem

I have several files which, after exporting to MP3, will no longer print. When I go to print mode, the screen turns gradually dark and the preview pane stays blank. They are original Dorico files, not imports. All other functions seem normal. I’m able to select all and copy to a new file where behavior is normal. Attached is a fragment but it exhibits the same problem.
Natty Rag fragment.dorico (422.1 KB)

In the right panel of Print mode under Job Type the Page Range is set to pages 2-5. This is an invalid range. If you set it to 1-4 you’ll get the four pages that actually exist, or set to All Pages.

(You also appear to have rather nonsensically overridden the page numbering so that your pages are numbered 1, 2, 1, 2.)

Thank you, Leo.