Print Mode Stalls

Hi, I’ve been having a problem with Dorico regularly stalling when I switch to print mode. Sometimes it’s immediately, sometimes it’s after I try to change a setting for my export. It’s usually a fairly brief stall, but the amount of exporting I do makes this rather inconvenient. Would greatly appreciate a solution to this problem. Thanks!

Dorico (533.8 KB)

When you switch to Print mode, Dorico has to calculate the layout that is chosen in the Layouts panel on the left-hand side. Depending on the size and complexity of the layout and the speed of your computer that can take anything from a fraction of a second to quite a few seconds. There’s nothing to be done about that, I’m afraid: the layout takes time to calculate in order to display the print preview.

Ok, thanks for the response. I wondered if that might be the case, but I never had this problem until recently. It used to load quickly without any stalling, but now the application says “not responding” for a little bit each time. I’m using the same device as before, and the layouts aren’t any more complex. That said, I realize the answer is still likely that there’s nothing you can do.

Have you recently changed your printers, or disconnected a network printer, or changed network topology such that a printer your computer thinks should be available is no longer available, or added any software printers (PDF or fax drivers, or the like)?

I did recently change printers, but I’m pretty sure the stalling started before that.

It would be worth checking that you don’t have any stale printers set up in Control Panel that Dorico could still be looking for, especially network-attached printers.

That doesn’t seem to have improved the stalling, but thanks just the same for your help!