Print mode woes

First, I wish to thank everyone who worked on the .10 update. The improvements are massive.

I’m having difficulties with a multiflow score in print mode. It is a series of seven Christmas Carols for orchestra to be used as a singalong with our audience. Each new flow is allowed to start on the same page as the previous one. Parts have been altered in engraved mode with a few “make into frame” and “make into system” commands to improve page turns.

In print mode:

  1. When selecting multiple layouts, especially if I select all of them, Dorico eventually crashes.
  2. On rare occasions, selecting a single layout could cause a crash.
  3. This does not happen with large scores with multiple instruments, but with a single flow in them.
  4. This happens regardless of whether I try to print parts or export them as graphics.

Also, despite the layout being set to letter paper, the print job in print mode defaults to A4, so I had to select each layout individually, set it to letter and go to the next layout. In order to save these layouts to print on letter, I had to do a few (hoping there would be no crash), go to write mode, make a change and undo the change, save and then go back to print mode to continue changing the next batch of layouts to letter paper. Simply saving as I changed the print layout would not save, I had to actually make another kind of change before reverting that edit and then saving.

The A4 default setting in print mode is with every score; the other issues are specific to that one singalong score. I suspect that number of flows and the fact that they appear on the same page is a trigger for that behaviour.

I’m really sorry to hear about the crashes. Can you please send me (by email, perhaps) both the project you’re having problems with, and the crash logs, which you’ll find in /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports, and we’ll look into this?

We know that we need an option that takes the locale into account to choose either European or US paper sizes by default, and hopefully we’ll be able to add that soon.

Sure! but try as I may, I cannot seem to find that folder on my Windows system …

Ah, apologies, I misremembered and assumed you were on Mac. Please follow the steps listed under “Dorico is crashing. What should I do?” in the FAQ thread to make sure your computer is creating crash dumps, and then send those to me along with your project.

Done1 Sent to your email because of the file extension restrictions