Print: Mutiple layouts.

Hi Folks,

Small question.

I’m am putting together a SABT score. Some of the voices have multiple parts, i.e. Soprano1 and Soprano 2. I have had to put these on separate staves as my sound library won’t play chords. (Olympus Elements). That does work but the score becomes very large vertically, as all of the four parts have to be split, so I have eight staves.

The question is: Can I print Soprano one and Soprano two on a page with both of them one above the other?

I can highlight both Soprano one and Soprano two in the Layout section of the Print section, but only Soprano 1 appears in the pdf.

Any help gratefully accepted. :slight_smile:

If you are talking about combining Sop 1 & 2 on a single staff for printing, yes you can do that. You would add a third staff for printing and paste the two Sop lines into that staff . For playback, you would use the larger (“Working Score”) layout. For printing you would create a new “Full Score” layout, which would include only the third, combined-voice staves while skipping the individual Sop 1 and Sop 2 staves.

Hope I have understood your goal correctly. I frequently use a separate “Conductor” score in addition to my Full (working) score to keep rehearsal piano (for example) in the same file as the instruments to let me generate parts and a piano/vocal score form the same file.

If your goal is to create a part that contains both the soprano 1 and soprano 2 staves, then in Layout mode, create a new part layout, and with that layout selected in the right-hand Layouts panel, activate the checkboxes in the Players panel for ‘Soprano 1’ and ‘Soprano 2’ to add them to the layout, which will now be called ‘Soprano 1 & Soprano 2’. Now you can switch to Print mode and print out this combined soprano layout.

Thank you very much.