Print only some instruments of score

is there a way to print only selected instruments of a score? Not the individual parts, but for instance if I have a score w 10 instruments but want to review a section with only 3 of those instruments included in the score? My current option is duplicate the flow and delete some instruments in that flow, but seems like there. may be a better way

At the bottom of the right panel of Setup mode create a new Full Score layout, then unassign the players you don’t want. Alternatively create a new Custom Score layout, which will have nothing assigned to it, then assign just the players and flow(s) you want to see.

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There is indeed a much better way. In setup mode, create a new custom layout and assign only those instruments to that layout. Then you can format that layout as desired and print it.

Darn you, Leo! Fastest gun in the West… :joy:

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thank you. not sure which advice I followed, but it worked. I knew Dorico would come through with an easy way to do this