Print only some instruments of score

is there a way to print only selected instruments of a score? Not the individual parts, but for instance if I have a score w 10 instruments but want to review a section with only 3 of those instruments included in the score? My current option is duplicate the flow and delete some instruments in that flow, but seems like there. may be a better way

At the bottom of the right panel of Setup mode create a new Full Score layout, then unassign the players you don’t want. Alternatively create a new Custom Score layout, which will have nothing assigned to it, then assign just the players and flow(s) you want to see.

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There is indeed a much better way. In setup mode, create a new custom layout and assign only those instruments to that layout. Then you can format that layout as desired and print it.

Darn you, Leo! Fastest gun in the West… :joy:

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thank you. not sure which advice I followed, but it worked. I knew Dorico would come through with an easy way to do this

Is there a way to print certain parts (like string parts separately and wind parts separately?) I have tried to select certain parts. It goes well, e.g. with flute parts, but not all woodwind instruments, however. I have tried both with part layout and custom score. Does not work. However, full score works. The reason I need to share the score. you don’t see them on a regular score. Sometimes the string parts are divided to each musician. tried the solutions here, but can’t get it to work.

Are you trying to print all the string parts combined in their own “mini-score” (which is a layout issue) or simply print each of the string parts separately but with the same print command (which is a matter of CTRL-clicking) in the PRINT tab?

How do you ‘unassign’ instruments? I’m afraid I’ll lose the whole thing. More specific instructions would help for us older folks.

In setup mode, when you click on a “card” (for a player, a flow, or a layout) you see checkboxes in the other two zones. For example, clicking on a flow shows which players and layouts it includes.

Leo’s suggestion was to select a (newly created) score layout, and uncheck some of the player cards to remove them from that layout. Don’t worry, that doesn’t delete any music entered.

You can also do this kind of operation the other way around: Select one or more player cards, and uncheck the flow card. The result is the same. See Project window in Setup mode and related pages in the manual.

I figured it out. You click on the instrument you want, then click the right hand print button, and voila! No need for that complicated method.

Hi Suzanne.

It looks as if what you’re suggesting is print individual parts (it’s not the instruments you’re selecting on the left panel of Print mode, it’s their layouts, in other words the full score first, then the individual parts).
The original poster was really clear in that thread, he mentioned in his first post that he did not want instrument parts but the score, i.e. the full score, but with less instruments than the original full score.
I know this can sound nitpicking, but Dorico is a deep software with many possibilities, and learning the jargon is necessary to understand how it works. I know it can seem overwhelming at first (and think about people like me whose main language is not English), but that effort will be rewarded quickly!


Thank you for helping to clarify! So this latest query doesn’t even belong in this thread (but whatever).

All i wanted to do was print out parts.

Suzanne, your first question implies you’re asking how to remove instruments for the players in Set Up mode, not printing parts.

In print mode, you’re not clicking on any instruments, you’re clicking on players! Players can hold more than one instrument.

There was a miscommunication that happened to mislead others in helping you because of you not understanding the fundamentals. As MarcLarcher said, Dorico is huge and can be intimidating to learn, I’ve been there, we all have been there. However, I’d suggest you to watch some, tutorials about the workings in Dorico you’re not secure enough, or even search here “how to X”, chances are that someone has had the same issues you are having (with no need to create a new thread and wait for a response). Please consider spending some time on learning without the pressure deadlines, it has helped me at least :slight_smile:

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If you haven’t already looked through the First Steps guide, it might be worth doing so: it covers a lot of the basics in a step-by-step fashion.

At the end, there’s this topic that explains how parts work in Dorico, and highlights some key differences between scores/parts.

Hi everyone who just sent me a message. I have been spending time learning with the tutorials and should spend more time. But you can only learn when you get to that point of needing to learn that skill. It’s always hard to communicate what I’m doing or want to do because I don’t necessarily have the vocabulary, plus I get pretty frustrated. The thing I find challenging is ITs who assume I already know things and leave out steps so that I’m sitting there thinking, “What button? I don’t see that button.” Anyway, I’m not on a deadline. I’m using this time to learn a lot of new skills. Oftentimes, I leave it, then all of a sudden, when I’m doing something completely different, I think, “Oh, I get it.” But it takes a while. So have patience with me. I’m rather long of tooth and even though I studied a fair bit of electronic music in university, there is still so much to catch up on.

Hi @Suzanne_Demontigny

please don’t be frustrated. It is very normal to don’t know the vocabulary at the beginning (and as was said, Dorico is a very deep software)

I hope you feel that here in the Forum are many peoples that love to help, and try to explicate in the most clear manner. I personally use pictures and visual guides, and I hope it helps, also if the user doesn’t know the interface or the vocabulary jet. For example in your other post (click here for the link) I answered your other question but you didn’t reply: it would be helpful to have a feedback from you if the answer that you received, and the way it was presented, was helpful to you. I personally love “to learn how can I better help”.

Thank you, and take your time to learn step by step the wonderful Dorico, and don’t hesitate to ask here in the Forum. And have a nice day :slight_smile:


Ahemm… No you’re not. Those are Layouts — you can put as many players you want in a layout, even all of them (quite usual in the full score) :wink: We’re in print mode, right?
Or is there something I have forgotten about Setup mode that allows to print directly from the player’s menu?

Oh man, you’re absolutely right. Even after double-checking before posting I made this silly mistake, this can’t get any better :sweat_smile:

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If I didn’t answer, it’s probably because I solved the problem. But it’s also been a very hectic time for me.

I have a question that everyone seems to ignore. How do you get bowed notes in Dorico 5 to send legato without slurring. I just want separate bowing, not staccatoes.