Print option

Dear all, I would like to know if in the print option it is possible to view horizontally rather than vertically.

Go to Layout Options, Page Setup Layout Options dialog
Switch from “Portrait” to “Landscape”. :slight_smile:

Many thanks, but maybe I didn’t express myself well. I meant how to scroll pages horizontally and not vertically in the final preview.

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You can’t change the page arrangement in Print mode, I’m afraid.

In page view in Setup, Write, and Engrave modes you can select one of four page arrangements:

Thanks for the replies. So if I understand correctly, in all other modes I can decide whether to scroll the pages horizontally or vertically, while in mode it prints only vertically. It’s right?

In Print mode, the pages always display on-screen in a vertical arrangement. Once you have actually printed out the music onto paper, you’re free to arrange the pages any way you like! :smiley: