Print parts

I have a score where I’d like to export a part. I’ve figured out how to print the score to pdf, but I need the Horn part alone as well.
I’ve looked at everything that’s intuitive to me but, ya, I’m completely at a loss here. Sorry, don’t have time right now to go through training videos which I have purchased but I thought this one would be an easy go.


  1. Print mode.
  2. Select Horn part in left panel.
  3. Make sure that the top of the right panel is set to Print.
    (optional steps here - fiddle with the Printer/Job Type/Page setup)
  4. Hit Print.
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The relevant page in the manual is also here - the crucial bit for your question I guess is step 1, being able to select whatever layouts you want to print/export in the list on the left.

Edit - here’s also some information about how players, layouts, and flows interact. Check the related links at the bottom for specific steps on assigning players to layouts, flows to layouts, and players to flows.

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Thanks Leo. Ya that was what I was thinking but, the horn part displays in the score but when I select horn, it was tacet (???).
I just discovered there’s two areas you have to ensure it displays, there and and that it’s selected in layouts. Although, I’m not really getting that one. Probably a thing for hiding a part.
Obviously a lot more “training” is in order.
Thanks again!!

In Setup mode, click the Horn layout in the right panel. Are both the Horn player (left panel) and the flow(s) (bottom panel) ticked? If not, tick them.

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Thanks Lille! Will do.



Yes that is what threw me. For some reason it wasn’t. However, In yours, only the horn part is selected but mine is both horn an score selected.

Let me repeat myself:
Select the horn layout in the right panel.
If you do so, it is impossible for the score layout to also be selected, unless you Cmd/Ctrl-click it.
Now, are both the horn instrument (left panel) and flow(s) (bottom panel) selected?

I meant the left player panel. They were both checked but the horn in right was not.

I got the printout. It’s going to take some time getting used to the UI. I’ve been using Sibelius for many years.