Print/PDF Output Scaling Not Working

I have a full orchestral score that I want to print on 11x17 and output as a PDF. It looks great in Gallery View, which is how I write.

When I shift to print preview, the staves are just all run together with huge un-scaled notes on top. It does not matter what size paper I select.

There is a scaling option off to the right in the dialog. It is not useful. It takes the improperly scaled page up and down in size on the page, but doesn’t actually scale the score to fit the page. I need the whole score to get proportionally smaller until it fits. 11x17 is certainly big enough if scaling works. I’ve tried digging in menus to find some kind of hidden settings, but the print options appear to all be on the “Print” tab.

I’m on the latest version of 2.1.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Start by experimenting with this setting:

But what about Page View? Gallery View is just “music without pages”, and no guarantee of how anything will look. As Pianoleo says, you’ll need to set up your Layout Options so that the music fits the pages as you want. Not just Page Setup, but all the other panels too.

Indeed- to echo what’s been stated: galley view is strictly to ease inputting notes. The display parameters in galley view have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on how the piece will actually render on the page. To establish those things, you need to use the layout dialogues screen-shotted above. It sounds like you have a rastral size that is too large, and, quite possibly, too many staves per page. If you have the setting to force more than one stave per page, Dorico will honor that even though it results in bedlam. Double check that your paper size for the layout is actually set to 11x17 and that you are allowing only 1 system per page and see what happens. If none of these things take care of the issues, at least share a screenshot with us so we can help diagnose the issue or compress your project and send it to John or Daniel and they may be able to tell you what the issue is.

And do note that what you select for the Full Score does not affect the Parts underneath. You can globally set those page sizes (and score sizes) by Shift-clicking those Players (or it might be Control+click?) and making your changes. Beware - if you Shift+click from a part just below the Full Score to the bottom Part score, the Full Score [above] will get selected as well.

[The general convention for Shift+Click is “everything between the first selection and the last selection is selected.” But for some odd reason, Dorico selects everything automatically – including the Full Score – if you’ve selected a Player underneath it. You will need to “unselect” the Full Score (Control+Click?) to NOT include it in the page size/parameters being applied to the other parts.)

Thank you! I knew there was a setting somewhere for this! Putting in the right paper size was all it needed. The score fills the page and works fine. Thanks for the tip!

Hi Folks, I feel really dumb here. In Finale when I want to shrink the score, I simply select the SIZE tool, and click on the corner of the page, and type in a percentage- and Voila: everything is beautifully resized as I need. Here I’ve been looking all over the “help” and Forum for a simple way to just shrink the overall size. I want to fit more music, and smaller staves on each page. Is this not a simple operation yet? I’m a bit confused as to what I’m reading here. Sorry.

I’m including an example pic attached. The left frame has far too much space between all notes and staves, and I’d like EVERYTHING to be smaller, and fit three systems per page. On the right side is the next flow- now I didn’t change ANYTHING, but it has three staves, and the spacing is tighter…still I have no idea how to make everything smaller- without changing the note-head sizes, , then changing the stave size, etc. I MUST be doing this wrong. I can’t be this complex, right?

Layout Options > Page Setup > set the Space Size to something smaller. Make sure you have the correct layout(s) selected in the right panel before you do this.

Thanks! I will try this!