Print project window rulers

How can I see the page layout rulers on the Print project window? Thanks!

Welcome back! There aren’t any rulers in Print mode, are you thinking of the frame edges shown in Engrave mode? Print mode shows you a print preview.

Thank you so much Lillie for responding. This is my experience with printing. I have a canon printer that prints 8.5x11 or 8.5x14. I was asked to export to pdf the score and parts of my composition to a 9.5x13 page size. It was a nightmare I adjusted my page to a custom size 9.5x13, fixed the score went to Print/export to pdf. On the print window - Graphics/Page Setup I was not able to see the custom size 9.5x13, after experimenting I uninstalled my printer and at that point I was able to specify 9.5x13 so I exported to pdf. Through the process before figuring out that the printer was the problem I kept printing to pdf to see the page size in Acrobat. Acrobat preview has a ruler that shows the size of the page. I wanted to see that ruler on the Dorico Print Preview Window to confirm the page size - I couldn’t find any rulers in Engrave or Print. I think for typesetting having this ruler is a must. I hope I explained it correctly. My best, Pierre

Sorry that you’ve had so much back and forth! My understanding is that so long as you’re using the Export button in the bottom-right of Print mode, when you’re exporting to a graphics file like PDF, Dorico always uses the page size set for the layout in Layout Options, regardless of what appears in the panel on the right (the displayed page size there is linked to your printer as Dorico can’t tell an A4 printer to print A3, for example).

Thanks again for responding. I do use the Export on the right side panel and didn’t have a problem with the standard page sizes. I was wishing if there were a way to add Rulers to the print preview window - that would be great. Just a suggestion. Another thought if Dorico could add a built-in generic printer (I’m on a MacBook Pro) that would allow us to bypass our connected printer so we can print any custom page sizes to pdf.

Your printer’s liabilities have nothing to do with the size you export to PDF. That (as Lillie has said) depends on the size you set up in the Layout you are printing.

For example, I set up a Tabloid (17x11") layout for my conductor score layout. When I go to print to PDF (via the graphics export in the right hand column of Print mode) I choose the conductor score layout and export it. Even though my printer only prints letter and legal paper, the PDF comes out with the proper height-to-width ratio to print on tabloid paper becasue I set it up that way in Layout mode.

Thanks Derrek. The problem I have is with the custom paper size. I had to give the pdf score/parts in pages size 9.5x13. In the layout options, paper sizes didn’t include 9.5x13 so I selected custom and entered 9.5x13. The print preview formatted correctly but when I went to Print I selected Graphics to print to pdf, the custom page size from my page layout options didn’t carry over to the pdf page setup. When I deleted my printer I was able to print to pdf 9.5x13 the file exported correctly.

Did you ever try to print a custom paper size that is not included in Layout Options Page Setup dropdown menu and tried to print to pdf the custom paper size? (While your printer was connected)


I think regardless of how it appears in the Print preview and the options that look available in the panel on the right, if you export to PDF, the resulting file will have the correct dimensions (as you set in Layout Options), preset or custom. You can double-check the exported file to confirm.

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Thanks Lillie. Yes the preview is scary with music showing off the page so I thought that it would print that way. I tried what you suggested and yes the preview is wrong but the pdf exported correctly. Great!!! I don’t have to delete my printer anymore - do you think they will correct the preview of custom paper sizes in the future?

Thanks again Lillie and Derrek for your patience. I’m all set now.

As I understand it, a fair amount of Print mode is built from off the shelf Qt widgets. Fixing the preview and the paper size dropdown would entail rebuilding these components from scratch, rather than adapting the existing widgets, which would eat up development time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere.

The Dorico development team seem to have a “never say never” policy, but my guess (as a lowly user) is that it’s the sort of thing that’s quite a way down the todo list, assuming Qt don’t independently refine their widgets’ behaviour.

Thank you pianoleo. The bottom line for me at this point is to find ways around the shortcomings. I’m looking forward to the next upgrade hopefully in May??? or earlier. :+1: