Print properties?

Hello Dorico team. We have an amazing duplex printer here. I can print stapled booklets in A5 or A4, in colour or b&w, and other useful stuff. But I don’t seem able to access these options through the Dorico print panel. I can access it in MS Word and I could even access it in the Print “Properties” option of Sibelius.
Is this something that is going to be added to Dorico? Or am I missing something?

I’m not in front of Dorico and you haven’t said whether you’re on Mac or Windows, but:

Go to Print mode.
Bottom left corner, are there buttons to use the OS dialogs for Page Setup and Printing? If so, you might try that method.

Thanks. I’m on Windows. No, I don’t see anything like you describe, either at the bottom left of the page or of the print panel on the RH side of the page. I’m using version

Weird. My memory of that existing is confirmed by the help page here:
but it seems to be a Mac-only option.

I’m stumped!

For the time being, you could export as PDF, and then print that from a PDF Viewing app that gives you access to the bells & whistles.

Thanks. Nope there’s nothing in the Win version on the bottom L, as there is in the pic sent by Pianoleo. Thanks to Benwiggy. Yes, I do export as pdf. But it would be nice to have it in Dorico.
One more question. Does anyone know (1) Will Halion Symphonic orch continue in Dorico Elements. (2) Will Dorico Pro have any new sounds?

IIRC HSO is not part of Elements, only the SE player and sounds.

Mnatseah, you should find that the options in the ‘Duplex Printing’ section of the right-hand panel in Print mode work with your printer: provided it reports to the operating system that it has a duplexer, those options should work. We have two printers with duplexers in the office from different manufacturers (HP and Xerox), and I have another at home (an elderly HP) and both of them work with these options without needing to set any options directly in the printer’s own Properties dialog.

That said, in future we do intend to make it possible to access the Properties dialog for printers on Windows.