Print question

Sorry maybe a stupid question but how do make Dorico opening this window

and which is the shortcut for it in this menu:

normally it should be “cmmd P” but Dorico seems to go another way…

In general, it’s better to use Dorico’s in-built printing/exporting functions in the right panel in Print mode. Is there a particular reason you want to use the macOS dialog instead?

I would just like to use shortcuts as in all other programs.
cmmnd P =print

and another to open the PDF dialogue if possible

a simple functionality if possible

and when I press export…where are the files???

The PDF bit of the macOS dialog really does you very few favours, whereas the right panel of Dorico’s print mode allows automated naming of files.

There are limited circumstances in which the print side of the macOS dialog may be helpful - I note that you have a Brother printer and you may be using that dialog to circumvent bugs with single-sided printing that seem to occur predominantly with Brother printers - but again, most of the time Dorico’s print options can give you what you need (and are stored with the project so they don’t have to be set each time).

I would expect that the files are in the folder location set in the Print Options panel.

You can set individual key commands for those options in your screenshot, including “Print Current Layout”. Cmd-P already is assigned to something, so you could either choose a different, similar key command or switch the command for what Cmd-P is used for by default. I would imagine the resulting printed/exported documents use the print settings and export paths etc currently set in the Print Options panel (on the right).

…but in answer to your question, I don’t think there’s a way of setting a shortcut to give you the macOS Print dialog. I have just tried, using scripting etc., and it doesn’t give anything useful.

Hm strange…when I click on the print button in the lot…the Mac dialogue appears…but not with a shortcut…confusing a bit

Sure. The button in the bottom left corner of Print mode is, if I understand correctly, a backup option for when you really can’t get the right panel to do what you want. That OS dialog button doesn’t even exist in the Windows version of Dorico.

Is there something specific that you can’t persuade the right panel of Print mode to do?

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Hm … I´d just like to behave Dorico a little bit as almost all other programs I am using. So I thought because of this button… I could assign a shortcut for that…

One complexity that Dorico has that many other apps don’t is that in a single Dorico project, you have multiple layouts which might all need different print settings (e.g. single-page parts set to print single-sided on portrait A4 paper, longer parts set to print 2-up on landscape A3; string parts requiring multiple copies etc).

Pressing Cmd-P in a text document app prints the document you’re viewing - in Dorico, you might want just the current layout or all layouts, and all layouts with the same settings or all layouts with their custom settings… There are therefore different possible print commands for which you can set different key commands.