Print range crashing programme

I’ve come across a couple of gremlins this morning. The first was when I tried to make a pdf of a range of pages from my score. Each time I tried this, Dorico would shut down as I was inputting the page numbers. I then tried to export the flow I wanted, which it has done, but with the title of the first flow of the piece, rather than its own title. It will not appear to let me change the title in setup. Any suggestions?

Sorry you’ve had problems with this!

Dorico can sometimes crash when interacting with the page range controls: the problem is that when you tab away from one of the page range controls, it immediately spawns a background process to redraw the print preview, and if you then quickly specify the other page in the range before it’s finished doing that, under some circumstances it can lead to a crash. You should find that if you wait a second or two before you type the second number in the page range, Dorico doesn’t fall over. To be clear, this is definitely something we intend to fix but it’s a tricky one to nail down.

I’m not quite sure what to make of your second problem. Are you referring to doing File > Export > Flows, or something else?