Print score to pdf problem (strange symbols)

While I’m trying to print a score to pdf, it prints very strange symbols (no notes).
It seems to be like a font problem. How can I solve this issue?.

Best regards,

Hi Metheny,

please post a screen shot of the pdf of the score so we can see it. Then we might be able to help :slight_smile:



Only solution for me now is to export score as a bmp image and then print to pdf.

Here you have the result of printing directly to pdf:


I’m using Cute PDF writer.
If you print in Cubase you can choose between your printer
or creating a pdf file with Cute PDF writer.
For me this works fine, no problems.

Hi Metheny,

Tiny PDF might be a good sollution but also PDF Creator (Free) which works very good.
You can get it here for for free :

Works perfect for me to print scores from Cubase. Download and run the insallation. You should then see it showing up in the Devices and Printers tab as an additional printer (same as Tiny PDF). Give it a try and let us know if it worked.



Hi again, I have installed PDF Creator and did the test. Now it´s working fine :slight_smile:
Thank you!!