Print score ..where/how.???

in a week or two i will be doing a project with some plaers who i hardly know so i thought i would print out some charts and lead lines.
how can i do this in c7… i have never worked with score b4 …well not in a way that i want to present my work to others…
also is it possible to print out the chord track that would save me loads of time…
thank you in advance…

Depends on what you want to do.

You need to get the score you want printed on the screen. Select the section of midi track, Ctrl R, then set to Page mode. Now tidy it up with correct clefs, key signature, sharps flats etc using “Settings”. You can add titles, subtitles, notes, etc.

Then print. I don’t have a printer on this machine so I use a free-ish programme called deskPDF that will create a pdf file for printing on a different machine - also it gives you a chance of seeing what you are getting before commiting to paper.

It’s not the best score printer but it does work, especially for simple things.

Not sure if you can print out chord track but you can write the chords on the score


If you have created a Chord Track, you can get its contents to appear above a regular (MIDI) staff in the Score Editor (Page mode), via the Scores menu>Advanced Layout>“Show Chord Track”. That works also if the MIDI staff itself is otherwise empty (i.e. just create an empty Part on a MIDI track, open it in the Score Editor, then use the option I have just mentioned).

Also, Cubase can export musicXML files (as the only DAW I think) This is a great feature if you want to finish your score in a score app like Sibelius or Finale.

A caveat worth mentioning- Cubase has trouble exporting chords and double-dotted notes.

Root notes placed in all chords: Steinberg Forums

Second dot missing on double dotted notes: BUG: Double dotted notes broken with MusicXML export - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

I don’t have the chord problem when opening files in Sibelius. In Finale, yes.

I hope Steinberg looks into this. MusicXML support is a very nice feature.

Ah. I only checked this in Finale. I’ll see what they’ll say at Make Music Support…

If you get an answar maybe you could post it here. I’d like to know where the problem is.

fab feedback guys… thanks … but where is the print button ??