Print Score with chord names

Hi All, I’ve discovered the piano score creator for the midi tracks and think it is a nice feature - however, being human I always want more.

Is there a way to display the chord names over the chords in the piano score? Just like sheet music that is meant for the piano and guitar ?

I have Cubase 8 Elements

Have you tried selecting “Show Chord Track” from “Advanced Layout” on the “Scores” menu?

This feature is not in Elements.

Cubase Elements and Cubase Artist only have very basic score editing, and I’m pretty sure they don’t support doing that. For more indepth score editing you’ll have to upgrade to Cubase Pro, which has a bunch of other nice things aimed at composers.

The closest you’ll get to that using Cubase Elements is the Insert Text function.

Thanks all - it’s still a great feature, even limited.